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Professional Sink Reglazing in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The sinks in your home withstand a lot: from the daily clatter of dishes and cutlery to the harsh effects of cleaning agents. Over time, this relentless use can degrade your sink’s protective glaze, leading to cracks, chips, and stains that seem impossible to remove. But there’s good news—these blemishes don’t mean the end of your sink’s lifespan.

Tub Solutions, Inc., serving both Manassas & Arlington, VA, and Washington, D.C., specializes in professional sink reglazing services. We can erase years of wear and tear, transforming any chipped, cracked, or stained sink back to its pristine, like-new condition. With a selection of glaze colors at our disposal, we guarantee not only a fast transformation but lasting results that rejuvenate your space.

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Sink Reglazing Services
Sink Reglazing Services
Sink Reglazing Services
Sink Reglazing Services

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Why consider the costly option of sink replacement when you can opt for sink refinishing? Tub Solutions is proficient in repairing and restoring all types of custom sinks, including but not limited to:

Our expertise extends to a wide range of sink styles, such as pedestal, farmhouse, and molded vanities. This means you can retain the unique charm of a historic or antique sink without the hassle of hunting for a replacement that fits your home’s aesthetics or dealing with the challenge of fitting a new sink into an unconventional space.

Sink reglazing and refinishing by Tub Solutions work on virtually any sink material and style, ensuring your bathroom or kitchen retains its functionality and style without exceeding your budget.

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